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Check this out we are Radio Me Live and you can listen to Smooth Jazz all day from us using our pop-up player from work or home anytime.  Make sure to tell your friends about us that we are located at the website “www.RadioMeLive.com” we are live 24/7 with all types of music but especially Smooth Jazz.

Hello there I am DJ Jimmy I live in Phoenix and I love smooth Jazz, I helped design the radio stations you listen to on this site and Smooth Jazz is one of my favorites at night before bed. (Simply Relaxing.)

…For your die hard smooth jazz fans we are here for you:

We are all about the community of Smooth Jazz music and want you to listen to us vs. another station.  We work hard here at RadioMeLive to keep the stream on 24/7 for you.  If you would be kind enough to support us here at RadioMeLive please Donate via our PayPal and we will take this much further than just simply music., because it takes time and energy to keep it live and updated., if you can just simply donate $5 a month that will go a long way on Smooth Jazz.

As a listener to Smooth Jazz on Radio Me Live we care about you and any feedback you may want to offer to us simply write an e-mail to our administrator at the e-mail address twelveentertainment @ gmail (dot) com